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Opera Max for Android

Save precious mobile data with Opera’s simple compression app

Opera Max offers an easy way to save on mobile data usage from the applications you use on your device.

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  • Great data compression rates for video
  • Smart user interface
  • Daily and weekly views of app data usage


  • Won’t compress all types of mobile data

Very good

Opera Max offers an easy way to save on mobile data usage from the applications you use on your device.

Keep your data plan alive for longer

Opera Max promises to help you save up-to 50% on your data plan. It works by compressing the data that your Android apps use. It uses the same data compression technology utilized by the Opera Mini web browser, shrinking internet file sizes so you consume less mobile data.

Opera Max is particularly effective for apps that stream video from the web, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Opera Max has optimized the data required to watch videos on Youtube and Netflix; with this app you can play more content from these channels without loss of quality. It’s also great for image-heavy applications like Flipboard or Instagram.

Opera Max also offers Smart Alerts, intelligent warnings for apps you're not actively using but which are still leaching your mobile data resources. No more silent data vampires. Opera says that this system can save up to 30% on your data plan.

Unfortunately, Opera Max won’t compress data from music streaming apps such as Spotify or Pandora. So if you stream with these apps over 3G a lot don’t expect to save any data on these.

You can see clearly your savings

Once you’ve installed Opera Max it will immediately start saving data whenever you use an app that connects to the internet. The clean user interface gives you a simple overview of the amount of data consumed by every app that you use.

You can scroll down in a timeline to see all data used by applications on the device, and see the amount of data consumed by each application in a given time. You can also switch between daily and monthly view of the timeline - but on the other hand, no weekly view consumption data.

Opera Max is free to download and install.

A must for fans of mobile video

If you regularly stream video over 3G, Opera Max could be an indispensable way to restrict the amount of mobile data you use.

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Opera Max


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